Tools and Gadgets

Pressure Drop Calculator

Pressure Drop Calculations is an elemental skill for a chemical engineer. I have created a tool to calculate the pressure drop for a section or sections of pipe. This .zip file can be used to calculate a liquid pressure drop and is built using HTML and VB Script. Extract all files for best results! It is possible based on region that decimals will be separated with a comma or a dot.

Windows Pressure Drop Calcuator

Get Directory Names

As a software engineer, I often need to make a list of all files within a directory. The following scripts can be used to extract all files within a folder, or all files within all folders from a parent directory.

The following file creates links to the files for easy access, and allows for text filtering. It is built with VBA. Macros must be enabled for it to work. Just click on Run Program and pick a folder to scan.

Read all files in folder Excel Version

The tool is also available as a VB Script using the Windows interface and creating a text file.

Read all files in all folders VBS Version

For a single file and not included sub-folders, use this version.

Read all files in folder VBS Version